1.That your looks speak far more audaciously than your words. And your words speak far more audaciously than your heart.

So at the end of the day , being good at heart is no longer sufficient. The looks and the words have clouded the judgment to such an extent that even if you are a bad person, your six packs and protruding words will help you get anything in life much more efficiently than someone who is only good at heart. Ever get in room with a 6’2″ well built person ? Ever attended a GD session with someone like this on a topic where you hold a Ph.D ? Try this in front of an unbiased crowd. You’ll know what I am talking about.

2. People are shallow.

No matter how rich you are , unless you have an iPhone or wear expensive clothes, nobody is going to be with you. Exceptions are there but it’s comon enough to generalize.
I was dating a girl who told me that she stopped dating me because I was wearing the same shirt on two dates. I asked her that had she expressed her concern and tried a little harder for us ,I would have definitely fixed that.

3. You will never love people who will love you back

How long do you talk to your Mom on phone ? And how long do you talk to your girlfriend ? What did you get your Dad on his birthday ? And compare that to the way you were celebrating your flatmate’s birthday.

4. And lastly , You will always be a little too late to learn a life lesson or to understand all these wisdom.

No matter how hard I try to explain to you that this life is precious. Do not waste it. You won’t listen to me . But if you got cancer today then yes. You will. Probably.

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